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Hello and welcome to the new arts community of lil_miss_coolio. I decided to make a community for my arts since it gets all confusing between real life posts and arts in my journal so I wanted to seperate arts and real life posts. Fell free to surf through my community and take whatever you want. It's all free for use =)">


My Arts and everything in this community is free for everyone to use or take. I don't mind at all. I just want you to credit me if using or taking and comments of course would be nice aswell =)

Please credit either my community dani_art or myself lil_miss_coolio or of course both if you wish for.

What you find in my community

You'll find arts of several tv shows and movies. I mostly make animations cuz I love doin them and I love animations cuz they rock. But you'll also find banners, headers, icons or wallies here or even screencaps or non fanarts related stuff like photographs or paintings or whatever I feel like posting.

To make it easy for you to find stuff I tagged every entry so you don't have to go through my whole community to search stuff. Just check out my Tags


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